Dr. Shakthivel at Velss Dental Care is one of the best dentists I have ever met. I live and work at USA and had multiple consultations with dentists trained in United States. I am very certain that Dr. Shakthivel exceeds the standards set by the top notch Dentists at United States. There are instances where I have travelled to India to get my tooth fixed at Velss Dental Care. The ambience, cleanliness, process oriented practice, doctors skill set, ease in explaining the issues to a common man understanding, looking through the problems and analyzing it to the depth of first principles, service oriented care, strictly not commercial and the list goes on and on are the traits that keeps Velss Dental Care stand out. Most of the physicians associated with Velss Dental Care are renowned in their area of speciality and have MDS to their hats. Velss Dental Care is for people of all ages and they can be trusted for any type of dental needs.

Sindhuja Damodaran, USA

I am Oviya Bhashkar.Very neat clinic with experienced doctors . The doctors are very polite and kind. They create a very comfortable atmosphere for the patients and always keeps a check on us though out the treatment that we are comfortable and keep the …

Oviya Bhashkar, Annanagar

I am Actor Soundar.Very nice clinic Doctors are so humble very friendly latest treatment Congrats to whole team

Actor Soundar, Annanagar

I am Pooja hari.Doctors are too polite and friendly and very professional too. Had a very good experience at Velss dental clinic. Dr. Sakthivel sir is the best

Pooja hari, Anna Nagar

I am chella muthu.The whole experience of visiting the velss dental care practice was great. We had reminders sent the day of the appointment and the day before. Everything was fully explained and I felt very helpful and friendly,Had a good consultant DR.Gopi krishnan and comfortable treatment was done..

chella muthu, Anna nagar

I am sathish kumar.Very good Experienced Doctors. Doctors is friendly and suggests a best treatment. Equipped with High class equipment and set up. Clinic is very clean and Hygine

sathish kumar, Anna Nagar

I am ezhil anand.Friendly doctor, Clean and hygienic environment, thorough check ups done before and after treatment. Excellent place to visit for all your dental treatments.

ezhil anand, Annanagar

I am siva kumar.Very experienced doctors with sophisticated amenities and world class treatment in dentistry

siva kumar, Annanagar

I am Mana Soaps.One of my friend get treatment in Velss chennai branch. He recommend me to go here. All the way from Vijayawada I get an appointment with Dr. Sakthivel for crystal crown treatment. Highly talented & professional dentist. Also reasonable consultation charges.

Mana Soaps, Redhills

I am Sensa Official.Good experience i had in the clinic. Dr. Sakthivel explained me the problem associated with my tooth and suggested me with a good treatment plan. Really appreciate the care taken during the treatment.

Sensa Official, Redhills

I am Appachi Brand Rice.It was my second visit to the Dental Clinic and because i am afraid of visiting a dentist, i was here with my friend. But i can now say with surety that i have overcome my fear of visiting Dentist and can come here again alone. Thanks to Dr. Sakhtivel to treat me well without any pain.

Appachi Brand Rice, Redhills

I am madras enterprises.Doctors are very professional & caring. I was in pretty bad shape when i first came here. The doctors took good care of my pain. I receive the same kind of treatment whenever i visit this place. Highly recommended.

madras enterprises, Redhills

I am Harish.S.Its gud place suggest for all dental patients I love this place so much as they took my pain out so soon thank u doctor 😍🙏

Harish.S, Redhills

I am Sudha from Thiruvalluvar District. Root Canal treatment was done to me at Velss Dental Care. I am very happy with the treatment.

Sudha, Thiruvalluvar

I’m Jayapriya from Bangalore....scaling androot canal treatment was done to me...I’m very happy and satisfied with the treatment...The doctor is very kind...

Jayapriya Bangalore

I’m Prathipa from Nellore district..root canal treatment was done to me by Dr.sakthivel at velss dental care...The treatment was good and I’m satisfied...

Prathipa, Nellore

Hi I’m Sridhar from Chennai...root canal treatment was done to me at Velss Dental Care...The treatment is good and satisfactory...

Sridhar, Chennai

I’m Ramachandran from Ramnad district...root canal treatment and crown was placed at my mouth at velss dental care...now I’m able to eat well..I’m very much happy with the treatment...thank you...

Ramachandran Ramnad

I’m Ramya from madurai...root canal treatment was done to me at velss dental care...The treatment was good and doctor was polite...

Ramya, Madurai

I’m Jagannath from Kancheepuram district...root canal treatment was done in my teeth...The treatment is very good and doctors very kind...I’m very happy...

Jagannath, Kancheepuram

Hi I’m Kasthuri from chennai...The treatment at Velss Dental Cares good and I’m very happy

Kasthuri, Chennai

Hi I’m Selva Kumar from chennai...implants was placed and my mouth by Dr.Sakthivel at velss dental care...I’m very much satisfied with the treatment...now I don’t have any problems and my mouth..Thanks to Dr.sakthivel

Selva Kumar, Chennai

I’m Subba Rao from Periyapalayam...The treatment at Velss Dental Care is good..The doctors very patient friendly and the ambience s also very good...

Subba Rao, Periyapalayam

Hi I’m Uma from Thiruvalluvar district...implant placement treatment was done to me at velss dental care...The treatment is very good and I’m also satisfied about the treatment..thanks to Velss Dental Care

Uma, Thiruvalluvar

Good service, got valuable treatment.

Thara Maha, Chennai

Excellent services by specialized doctors... Totally satisfied

Sana Sadaf, Chennai

Excellent and kind services

R.s. Nalini, Chennai

Nice infrastructure and good approach. Treatment also good. Thanks velsdental care.

Gajapathy Mks, Chennai

Good hospitality doctor is a kind guy treats patients with a lot of patience good guy

Balaji Chennai

Great care and service well hospitalised.

Naresh Kumar, Chennai

Good treatment in Dr shakthivel sir

Saidul, Chennai

Good treatment at valuable price Excellent service by Dr sakthivel sir.

Sasi Kumar, Chennai

Good treatment in Dr shakthivel sir

Saidul, Chennai

Good treatment and neatly maintained.

Kumaresan Segar, Chennai

Diagnosed perfectly by Dr. Sakthivel and excellent surgeical treatment. It was worth travelling all the way from dubai for our son's dental surgery by Dr. Sakthivel. We Wish Dr. Sakthivel's service should reach more all around the world. Once again thank you so much doctor!

Sahaya Rani, Dubai

Dental doctor is simplicity and very good Take care.

Senthil Kumar, Chennai